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How to Sow Mixed Aubrieta Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Aubreita Seeds

Considered as a perfect perennial, mixed aubreita is native to central Asia and southern Europe. Originally named after a french painter, these are the most popular hardy rock plants to grow. Known for their stunning show, of abundant varying 4″ purple flowers with yellow centres. Mixed Aubreita are also perfect for containers, window boxes, walls, rockeries and path edging. A spreading plant, which once grown can reach over 20 inches away from its original location. This makes aubreita great for ground cover, bedding and borders.

Cultivation Advice for Growing Mixed Aubreita from Seed

  • Can be sown indoors with enough light and warmth, which will help with the seeds to germinate faster.
  • Sow in pots and cover with a fine layer of soil. To help retain moisture, cover the pots with cling film/polythene. Ensure a minimum temperature of 15 degrees is maintained. Germination should occur after no more than two weeks.
  • Can be sown directly outdoors between April through to June or transplanted from pots to their final place.
  • Once large enough to transplant find an area like a basket or wall and they will hang over about 2 feet.
  • Mixed aubreita will flower the year after sowing from seed, and will annually flower between March through to the end of April.

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