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How to Sow Yellow Honey Clover Seeds

How to Sow Yellow Honey Clover Seeds

A tall plant, which can reach a maximum height of over 6 feet once fully grown. Yellow honey clover is an annual or biennial depending on the climate. This variety is tolerant to drought, however it does not do well in overly moist environments, or places with sustained freezing temperatures. Producing stunning yellow pod shaped blooms, which last throughout summer until late autumn. Producing a floral honey like sweet scent, making these plants popular garden favourites. Thriving in a soil PH above 6.5, in a loamy clay like growing medium. Common to woodlands and grasslands, self seeding and great when picked due to the long stems.

How to Grow Yellow Melilotus from Seeds

  • Grows best in a well cultivated seed bed, or soil which is well worked. Loamy clay works well, however the seeds will germinate perfectly fine in most compost.
  • Ideal temperatures for germination are between 16-19 degrees. Press seeds into the growing medium, ensuring the soil is free draining and moist. Placing pots, or seed trays in a sunny position.
  • Allow up to 30 days for seeds to germinate, early stages of germination can take a while. Once seedlings reach a height of 2-3 inches, they are much easier to grow and handle.
  • Once seedlings are established, they can be transplanted to their final growing destination. Be careful to protect roots, as they are quite fine. Only plant outdoors after there are no more frosts due.

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