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How to Sow Fescue Blue Grass Seeds

How to Sow Fescue Blue Grass Seeds

A stunning ornamental grass, which stands out due to its bright blue appearance. Popular as ground cover grassy plant, which is clump forming and resistant to varying weather conditions. Grown in gardens, or in woodlands and marshlands around the world. This variety looks great in pots, containers, next to garden plants, rockeries and planters. Blue fescue is self seeding, and will spread within its given area. Reaching a max height of 30cm, these plants are resistant to drought. Making them the perfect addition to indoor or outdoor spaces. The blue colour will enhance when the plants are under stress.

Growing Blue Fescue Grass from Seeds

  • Fescue will germinate best under cover. Start indoors any time. For outdoor sowing, ensure temperatures are around 20 degrees. Use seed trays or small pots, as they will be easier to transplant later on.
  • Use a fine seed compost, adding small pieces of grit or rock. This helps to increase drainage. Press seeds lightly into the compost, do not cover completely as they need light to germinate.
  • Behind glass, in a conservatory, greenhouse or under glass is perfect. Germination will be complete within a maximum of 21 days.
  • Keep the soil moist, but not over watered. Ensuring the seedlings receive plenty of sunlight. Once seedlings emerge, allow another 2 weeks before transplanting carefully.
  • If planting outdoors, wait until the weather is warm. With enough time left in the year for the grass to establish outside. Ideally 2-3 months of good weather.

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