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How to Sow Butterhead Lettuce Seeds

How to Sow Butterhead Lettuce Seeds

A popular gardeners lettuce, due to its ability to be sown throughout the year. Versatile and hardy to varying British weather. This supermarket staple vegetable, when sown sequentially, will provide a continuous yield of fresh butterhead lettuce. Featuring large ball shaped crisp heads, with leafy edible foliage. This variety will grow perfectly well indoors, behind glass, in large pots, containers and planters. Or outdoors in rows. An allotment favourite, which is fast maturing. Once seedlings emerge, expect plants to reach adult stages, ready for harvesting after 45 days. Allowing them to continue to grow after maturity, will produce giant lettuces.

Grow Butterhead Lettuce from Seeds

  • Using fresh compost, or soil which has been well worked, to a fine thickness. Plant seeds approximately 1/8″ deep.
  • If planting in rows outdoors, allow a spacing of 18″ between each row. Allow 10-12″ between each plant, to allow sufficient space to grow.
  • Can be started in seed trays, however seedlings will need to be transplanted to larger pots or containers, before reaching maturity.
  • Ideal germination temperatures, are between 10-15 degrees. Temperatures above this, will see a reduction in germination rates.
  • Place in a sunny sheltered location, ideally germinate behind glass. Transplant outdoors once seedlings reach a height of 3″ Keep compost or soil moist, but not overwatered.
  • For sequential sowing, plant new seeds at 3 week intervals. This will provide a continuous supply of fresh butterhead lettuces.

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