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How to Sow Black Ball Cornflower Seeds

How to Sow Black Ball Cornflower Seeds

Black ball cornflower is edible, which makes for a great garnish. From June onwards black ball cornflowers blossom into beautiful dark crimson coloured flowers. The long stems can reach upto 75cm tall, this makes black ball ideal for cutting. This variety is advertised for use as an edible garnish or salad addition. Black ball cornflower is also a hardy and easy to grow plant, just give it lots of sunlight and keep the soil well drained.

Where do Black Cornflowers Grow Best?

  • Black ball cornflower seeds can be planted any time indoors.
  • Start seeds in a pot, which can be placed on a well lit windowsill. Make sure they get plenty of light.
  • Sow seeds appx 1/8″ deep, using fresh seed compost or soil.
  • Black ball cornflower will reach a full grown height of 15 to 18 inches.
  • Germination takes between 5 to 10 days. Wait until seedlings are fully established before relocating.
  • To help germination soil needs to 60F to 70F. If starting outdoors, ensure the soil is warm and not soon to be frozen or very cold.
  • Make sure to cover the seeds as the dark will help increase germination rates.
  • Black ball cornflower will tolereate most soil types.
  • How much space do cornflowers need? Once fully established and blooming, black ball cornflowers are best suited to rows, which are 30 centimeters apart. Black ball cornflower will happily grow together, and in the company of many other popular garden plants.

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