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How to Sow Snowball Daisy Seeds

How to Sow Snowball Daisy Seeds

Snowball daisies are beautiful showy flowers, perfect for garden borders, pots, containers and flower beds. Typically a perennial which is short lived. Snowball daisies will produce an abundance of white double flowers, on tall stems. Snowball daisy is also a mat forming plant and will self seed if left alone. Will grow alongside most flowers and herbs, in borders, pots, bedding, containers and planters. A fragrant flower, which produces stunning ball shaped blooms, atop lush green foliage.

Advice for Growing Snowball Daisy from Seed

  • Great when started in seed trays, behind glass or on a windowsill which is sun facing.Use a high quality seed compost, for best germination rates.
  • The germination period takes between 10 to 15 days keeping the soil moist and well drained during this time. Sowing seeds at a depth of 1/4″. Only cover lightly, as daisy seeds need light to germinate.
  • Sowing snowball daisy seeds directly outdoors after the last frost has passed and that the ground is warm and workable.
  • When the snowball daisy seedlings are big enough to handle, they can be transplanted into their final location in full sun. Wait until seedlings are over 4″ tall before transplanting.

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