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How to Sow Catnip Mint Seeds

How to Sow Catnip Mint Seeds

Catnip is native to Europe, Asia and the middle east. This hardy edible plant is part of the mint family, with its minty taste it can be used to make smoothies, herbal teas and excellent treats for cats. Catnip mint is a spreading plant with small blue flowers that attract bees and butterflies alike, the plant has a minty aroma that cats love. This variety of catnip is traditionally harvested for pet treats and toys.

How to Plant and Grow Catnip Seeds

  • Catnip mint can be grown indoors near a window with plenty of sunlight, catnip also thrives in well drained fresh soil or compost, usually where other plants struggle.
  • Sow in plant pots, containers or outdoors once the soil has warmed up to help encourage growth. Ensure the seeds receive plenty of sunlight as this will maximize germination rates.
  • Germination takes between 14 to 21 days, be sure to cover the catnip mint seeds lightly to help with the germination process.
  • Once flowers bloom cut back to stop self seeding or leave and the bush will spread on its own.
  • Harvest young leaves to eat raw for a minty taste or harvest mature leaves and use them in salads and teas.

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