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How to Sow Ipomoea Blue Morning Glory Seeds

How to Sow Ipomoea Blue Morning Glory Seeds

Ipomoea blue morning glory, is a beautiful tri colour flower. Featuring sky blue petals with a white neck and a yellow centre, making this climbing plant great on a trellis or fence. The unique shaped flowers and foliage stand out in any garden or archway. Ipomoea was originally exclusively native to the new world tropics, now it can be grown almost anywhere with enough sunlight. Commonly grown on a trellis or an archway, ipomoea will climb up walls and create a scenic wall of stunning blue flowers.

Advice on Growing Ipomoea Blue Morning Glory from Seed

  • Before planting seeds, soak for at least 24 hours in warm water to help with the germination process. Start in seed trays or pots.
  • During the germination period keep the soil moderately moist and be sure to not over fertilize or over water. Sow seeds approximately 1/4″ deep in a fine grade seed compost which is free draining. Ensure temperatures of above 20 degrees are maintained for good germination survival.
  • Can be sown directly outdoors after the last frost has passed and the soil has had sufficient time to warm through. Make sure seeds and seedlings receive plenty of sunlight. Growing in a sun facing location will provide the best results.
  • once plants have reached a height of 4″ they can be transplanted to their final location with a spacing of 6 to 8″ apart.

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