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How to Sow Flame Pansy Seeds

How to Sow Flame Pansy Viola Seeds

A striking flower, producing dark red, orange and yellow flame coloured blooms. A unique plant, which is entirely edible from the stems to the flowers. Flame pansys are popular in the United Kingdom, in hanging baskets, containers, in the garden, or grown as a single flower in small pots. Each seed has the potential, to produce large open pollinated pansy plant. Growing to a maximum height of 10 inches, becoming bushier when grown in clusters. Flower heads, will reach a diameter of around 3-4″ once fully grown. Flame pansies can flower the same year, if sown early enough. Traditionally a hardy annual, which will over winter well in milder, sheltered areas.

Grow Flame Pansies from Seed

  • Flame pansy seeds can be sown indoors or outdoors, at certain times of the year. Using small seed trays, place pansy seeds around 1/2″ deep, in a fine grade quality compost.
  • To help retain moisture, place a polythene wrap or cling film over the pots. Place the pots in a warm, dark room. Flame pansy seeds germinate best in darkness, allowing between 10-20 days for germination to complete.
  • If the soil becomes dry, moisten it to ensure the seeds do not dry out. For earliest outdoor planting, sow around 8 weeks before the last frost. This is the best window of time, for same year blooms.
  • Once seedlings reach over 1″ tall, remove the wrap and place in a warm, sunny location. Maintaining a temperature of over 15 degrees, will ensure best survival rates.
  • Acclimatize to outdoors, before planting outside. Especially during early spring, before the weather has warmed up.

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