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How to Sow Pastel Florists Daisy Seeds

How to Sow Pastel Florists Daisy Seeds

Eye-catching in any border or cottage garden, these delightful and cheery papery flowers consist of bright yellow centres. Surrounded by white or pink petals. This simple, yet bold, addition to the garden can be a magnet for pollinating insects. The tall and robust flowers can reach up to approximately 50cm in height and bode well when cut as long lasting fresh flowers, while also proving sufficient when dried for displays throughout Winter.

Growing Florists Daisy from Seeds

  • In fine seed compost sow on the surface and gently firm down between late Winter to mid Spring at 24 C (75F).
  • Ensure that light is sufficient to aid germination. To help retain moisture, enclosing within a polythene bag may be beneficial.
  • Germination occurs in approximately 7-15 days.
  • After the last frost has passed , and when the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant and gradually acclimatize to outdoor conditions;
  • Plant in full sun approximately 8-10in apart. Alternatively, if space permits, sow directly into the ground in rows 45cm apart in late Spring.
  • The plants should be sturdy enough to support themselves; thin the seedlings to approximately 10cm apart.
  • When the flowers are open and the foliage us quite dry, the flowers can be picked. For drying; tie in small bunches and hang upside down in a well ventilated room.

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