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How to Sow Golden Purslane Seeds

How to Sow Golden Purslane Seeds

One of the main benefits of purslane, is its ability to grow very fast. This ensures a fast harvest turnaround time, with a constant supply of purslane. Commonly used as a side garnish, in salads or sauteed like spinach. The rounded leaves, produce a tangy tasting addition to dishes, and can even be eaten raw. Purslane is a spreading plant, so be sure to contain in an area. While being slightly less hardy than traditional green purslane, you can expect plants to be very tolerable to UK weather conditions.

Growing Golden Purslane from Seeds

  • For the best germination rates, sow in a propogator which is heated to a temperature of 20 degrees. If planting outdoors, sow from March until August. This gives the best chance of survival outside during summer months,
  • Use a natural compost or growing medium, without additives or chemicals. If planning to harvest, then general compost will work fine. Sow appx 1/4″ below the surface, allowing plenty of sunlight.
  • Germination should occur within 7-10 days. Allow them to grow on, until stems reach a few cm in length. After this, thin the seedlings to 10cm apart, in their final growing location.
  • Free draining soil works well, so be sure not to over water seedlings or seeds. Golden purslane is tolerant to dry conditions. However, leaves are much more succulent when soil is kept moderately moist, in full sunlight.

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