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How to Sow Giant Sweet White Spanish Onion Seeds

How to Sow Giant Sweet White Spanish Onion Seeds

Known around the world for their silky white skin. Giant sweet white onions once grown, produce a mild flavoured sweet onion. They are a reliable crop to grow and a favorite in Spain. The bulbs are pure white and firm making them a great storage onion. When grown from seed, they will produce better quality onions than set grown onions. Sweet enough raw or cooked, this variety of onion is a salad or burger top favourite. Thin skinned and easy to peel, they are considered as one of the best all round onions.

Growing Advice for Giant Sweet White Spanish Onion

  • Can be grown indoors in early spring, in an area which receives plenty of light 8 to 10 weeks before spring starts. Can be sown anytime indoors, providing temperatures of between 18-23 degrees.
  • The germination period takes between 10 to 12 days and will be ready to harvest 115 days after planting.
  • Sowing seeds directly outdoors: After the last frost has passed and the ground is warm and workable.
  • sow seeds at a depth of 1/2″ with a plant spacing of 2 to 3″ and a row spacing of 18″, keeping the soil or compost moist.
  • If starting indoors or outdoors, ensure seeds receive plenty of sunlight. Warmth is essential to successful germination
  • Onions are ready to harvest once the tops begin to turn brown.

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