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How to Sow Silk Purple Cornflower Seeds

How to Sow Silk Purple Cornflower Seeds

With stunning soft lavender tones cornflowers make an excellent, long lasting, cut flower. Consisting of long wiry stems that can reach 75cm, and clusters of flowers, the cornflower is robust and when added to other blooms in a vase, it ensures a pretty aesthetic to any room. This hardy flower prefers full sunlight, in rich, drained soil. Easy to grow and easy to manage, due to being a great self seeder, the continuation of cutting ensures a good supply of flowers for both display purposes. Or harvested as a colourful garnish to add to drinks and salads.

Grow Purple Cornflowers from Seeds

  • 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost, seeds can be started indoors. Alternatively, direct sow seeds 1/8 to ¼ inch deep outside once the danger of frost has passed.
  • Cornflowers thrive in temperate climates, ensuring a minimum temperature of 15 degrees.
  • Use a high quality compost or potting mix. Well worked garden soil works well, providing temperatures are warm enough.
  • Ensure seeds are well pressed into the growing medium, as darkness aids in germination.
  • Tolerates a variety of soil types when well drained. When seedlings are 2-3 inches high, think to 10-12 inches apart before re-planting any thinned plants.

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