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How to Sow British Spinach Seeds

How to Sow British Spinach Seeds

British Spinach is a hardy variety, which has dark green oval leaves and green stems. Both of which are edible. It can also can be grown all year, but avoid the height of summer. This plant is high yielding, which can harvested as a young plant, to use as a micro green. Or as a mature plant for bigger leaves and stems. This plant fully grown will reach a height of 20cm. For best results plant between March and April, avoiding mid summer heat. You can also plant british spinach seeds from August to September.

Advice for Growing British Spinach

  • British spinach love cool soil during their germination period. Sow the spinach seeds half an inch deep, in rows which are approximately 12 to 18 inches apart, for best result thin where needed once large enough.
  • You can sow seeds after the last frost, be sure to work the ground beforehand to ensure the ground is frost free. You can sow in February under fleece or outside from August for harvesting as an Autumn crop.
  • You can harvest baby leaves and full grown leaves just be sure to do this before bolting.
  • Spinach will tolerate most soil types which make it an easy plant to grow and harvest, just be mindful, they don’t like acidic soil.

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