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How to Sow Golden Ball Chrysanthemum

How to Sow Golden Ball Chrysanthemum Seeds

Once grown, chrysanthemum seeds will produce beautiful double yellow blooms on long stems. Young flower buds open to become flat and disk shaped. Once adult stages are reached, they become much larger, rounded and ball shaped. Fully grown plants will reach a maximum height of 14 inches tall, this makes them great for bedding & borders, or as a cut flower for displays. Each long stem will produce multiple yellow blooms on shorter branches. This creates a bush like plant when grouped together. Typically a compact, half hardy annual. Golden ball chrysanthemum is a member of the daisy family, which can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Grow Golden Ball Chrysanthemum Plants from Seed

  • Sow on the surface of a high quality, fine seed compost. Best when started in seed pots or trays, for easy transplanting later on.
  • Only cover lightly, with a small amount of compost as these seeds need light to germinate ( half of a cm at most ) Ensure the compost is moist before sowing.
  • Germination optimal temperatures are between 14-21 degrees Celsius. Cover seed trays or pots in a polythene wrap, or clear plastic bag. This will ensure moisture is retained.
  • Place in an area which receives plenty of sunlight, behind glass or in a sheltered area outdoors, during warm periods of the year.
  • Seedlings can take up to 30 days to emerge, check that moisture is being retained inside the wrap. If soil becomes dry, add some additional water.
  • Only transplant, after seedlings have reached around 2″ in height. Gradually acclimatize to outdoors, where they can be grown on in cooler conditions.

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