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How to Sow Romaine Lettuce Seeds

How to Sow Romaine Lettuce Seeds

Tall, compact, and dark green, Romaine lettuce is also known as “Parris Island Cos” making it’s impact through it’s slightly curly leaves, imprinted with creamy white hearts, and broad midribs that provide a crunchy, yet juicy, addition to any salad. With good bolt resistance, and a crisp sweet flavour, this makes an excellent romaine. Typically larger than a standard lettuce, these vegetables are easy to grow, with consistent year on year crops.

Growing Romaine Lettuce from Seeds

  • As soon as the ground can be worked, lettuce can be direct seeded.Ideal germination temperatures are between 10-20 degrees celsius.
  • plant approximately 3 seeds every 8 inches, in rows 8-12 inches apart.
  • Alternatively, grow indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting outdoors.
  • Cover seeds lightly with approximately 1/8 inches of fine soil and firm gently. Thin young seedlings to one plant per spot.
  • Temperatures above 20 degrees will decrease germination rates. This variety prefers a UK climate, with seeds germinating in temperatures as low as 6 degrees.
  • In dry weather, keep soil moist. For a continuous supply of fresh lettuce, sow every 3 weeks.

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