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How to Sow Mixed Vienna Meadow Carnation Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Vienna Meadow Carnation Seeds

An old favourite border carnation, that has a neat mounding habit and narrow evergreen foliage. Once this plant is established, it will bloom sweet, balm scented ruffled flowers in a variety of colours. Single and double blooms, in pastel shades of red, pink, beige, purple and yellow. These long flowering plants, will add a splash of colour from July all the way through to the end of October. Long, strong stems make carnations an amazing cut flower. With adult plants reaching a final height of 45cm. Also known as dwarf vienna, this variety is a perennial plant which is common in floral displays and bouquets, throughout the UK.

Cultivation Advice for Growing Mixed Vienna Meadow Carnation from Seed

  • Mixed Vienna carnations can be sown indoors, in a location with plenty of sunlight and warmth, like a window sill or conservatory.
  • The germination period takes between 14 to 30 days, depending on the temperature. Ensure to use a well drained seed compost. A fine grade compost is perfect.
  • Sow seeds on the surface and gently press into the soil, using a propagator or in pots. Covering with glass or a polythene wrap, to retain moisture. Ensure a consistent temperature of between 16-20 degrees, for maximum germination rates.
  • Do not completely cover the seeds during the germination period, as they need light and warmth to germinate.
  • Once the plants are big enough, transplant them to their final location with full sun. Over winter, place seedlings into a cold frame and transplant them the year after for early blooms.

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