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How to Sow Spanish Black Radish Seeds

How to Sow Spanish Black Radish Seeds

A one of a kind vegetable which produces large, globe shaped black skinned radishes. The mildly sweet flavoured flesh is perfect for slicing, or as a unique addition to stews. Once harvested, store in cool dry conditions. Black radish store for a good few months before going bad. Once seeds have germinated, they will be ready for harvest after 50-60 days. For a longer lasting supply, sow seeds sequentially every few weeks. A large variety of radish, which is a member of the brassicaceae family.

Growing Spanish Black Radish Vegetables from Seed

  • If growing outdoors, sow from early spring all the way through to the beginning of winter. For a more controlled germination, start in seed trays, to be transplanted later on.
  • Sow around 1/2″ deep in fresh compost, or well worked garden soil. Place/sow in an area which receives full sunlight. If the soil begins try dry out, well water as germination will not occur in dry conditions.
  • Under optimal conditions, germination should take around one week. If starting in seed trays or small pots, wait until seedlings have emerged before transplanting outdoors.
  • Ensure a spacing of at least 4-5″ between plants outdoors, this will allow sufficient space for each radish to draw nutrients. Great in rows in allotments or vegetable patches.
  • Harvest black radishes after 50-60 days for ideal flesh flavour. Radishes left to grow on longer, will become less sweet and slightly more spicy.

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