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How to Sow Purple Creeping Thyme

How to Sow Purple Creeping Thyme Seeds

A stunning evergreen garden plant, which provides excellent coverage in borders, bedding, rockeries, walls and planters. A low growing hardy perennial, which is bushy in nature. Plants produce beautiful, low growing pastel violet and purple blooms once fully grown. Flowers open up in may, all the way through to early winter with evergreen foliage. Purple creeping thyme will reach a height of 10cm, with a spread of 30cm. If growing to trail, expect plants to creep downwards providing more coverage each season. Adult plants will tolerate light treading, if growing between path stones. A scented variety, which provides a sweet floral scent to outdoor spaces. Will grow great in containers, pots, among grass, or just about anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Growing Purple Creeping Thyme Plants from Seed

  • When sowing outdoors, ideal times are from spring through to Autumn. Ensure the ground is not due to be frozen again, temperatures are warm, and the soil is well worked to a fine grade. If growing indoors, use small pots or seed trays. During cold months, a heated propagator will work perfectly.
  • Mixing seeds with horticultural sand, will help with spreading. Just add some to the internal provided bag, ensuring to mix well. Seeds can then be easily poured into seed trays, or pots. Ideal sowing temperatures are around 20 degrees.
  • Gently press into compost or fine soil, ensure not to cover fully as purple creeping thyme seeds need light for germination. Keep the soil moist, but not over watered.
  • Covering with a polythene wrap or cling film, will help pots to retain moisture. Place them in a sunny location, which receives lots of sunlight.
  • Germination can take up to 30 days, even under ideal conditions. Be Sure to check that the soil does not dry out. If adding more, be sure to only mist lightly.
  • Once seedlings emerge, remove the wrapping and allow to grow on for a further 7-14 days. After then, seedlings can be hardened off ready for outdoor planting. Simply place the pots outdoors for a few hours per day, increasing the time gradually.

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