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How to Sow Mixed Giant Cascading Lobelia Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Giant Cascading Lobelia Seeds

One of the best plants to grow in containers, planters and hanging baskets. Once fully grown, cascading lobelia will produce pastel trailing blooms from spring until winter. Colours included are; violet, blue, white, crimson and pink. A hardy annual, which has unique shaped flowers positioned on long stems. Lobelia will spread in its given area, which makes a great alternative ground cover. Trimming heads at the end of each season, will encourage a larger bloom the following year. Native to North America, this plant has been used for ceremonies and herbal remedies for centuries.

Growing Giant Cascading Lobelia Plants from Seeds

  • Ideal germination temperatures are between 18 and 24 degrees celsius. If sowing seeds directly outdoors, wait until 4 weeks before the last frosts are due for the year. Always position in a place which receives full sunlight during germination.
  • Use pots or seed trays if starting indoors, along with a fine grade nutritious compost. This is ideal during colder months, where temperatures can be maintained easier.
  • Before planting seeds, ensure the compost is moist but not too wet. Gently press the seeds into the growing medium, be sure not to cover fully. Lobelia seeds need light to germinate.
  • For any issues with handling seeds, simply mix well with some horticultural sand in the provided seal bag. Pouring the mixture into your compost.
  • Use a polythene wrap or a clear bag to cover the pots/trays. This ensures moisture is retained during the germination period. germination will occur between 10-21 days from sowing.
  • Ensure the compost does not dry out. Once the seedlings have emerged, remove the wrap and allow to grow for another 7 days. After this, the small seedlings can be transplanted in groups to hanging baskets, borders, containers or outdoors.

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