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How to Sow Super Green Perilla Shiso Seeds

How to Sow Super Green Perilla Shiso Seeds

Known commonly by its original Japanese name shiso. Welldales super green perilla shiso is a very popular addition to Asian cuisine. Popular with Japanese chefs, this versatile plant is used as both an ingredient and a garnish. This variety is slightly stronger in taste, in comparison to red perilla shiso. With a cinnamon like taste, this is very a popular addition to soups, stews, salads and Japanese dishes. Add fresh leaves to sashimi or sushi platters, for an extra splash of flavour.

Growing Perilla Shiso in the UK

  • Sow seeds indoors at any time. If sowing outdoors, Spread finely in trays ensuring plenty of cover. Ideal times to sow outdoors are from April, through to mid summertime.
  • Using a high quality, free draining seed compost will increase germination rates. Avoid over watering, as seeds will rot if submerged during germination.
  • Avoid direct sunlight until the seedlings emerge, which will take around 14-28 days at over 21 degrees celsius. Best started in pots or seed trays, providing extra warmth if required.
  • Once seedlings emerge, young stems and leaves will require light to grow further. Do not plant outdoors until there are no more frosts, ensuring the stems are thick and large enough to handle safely.
  • Green perilla will happily grow on a windowsill indoors, providing a lovely scent. Harvest leaves for a continuous supply. Adult plants are very easy to care for, with little maintenance required.
  • Once the seeds have germinated, plants should reach full maturity within 70 days. After this point, you should be able to begin harvesting. If temperatures are not ideal, this may take longer.

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