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How to Sow Burning Bush Shrub Seeds

How to Sow Burning Bush Shrub Seeds

Burning bush is renowned for its feather like foliage, which turns red at the end of each season. Known as the summer cyprus, this bush like ornamental grass is very popular in Asia. A fast growing plant, which makes for a great showy border grass/shrub that will add that extra bit of colour all season long. Fully grown, this plant will reach a height of 1.5 metres with a spread of half a metre.

How to Grow and Sow Burning Bush Shrubs from Seed

  • Can be sown and grown indoors in pots or containers in an area with plenty of sunlight and warmth.
  • Sowing directly outdoors be sure to wait until the last frost has passed, the ground is workable and has warmed up.
  • Sow seeds on the surface and cover the seeds in a fine layer of soil or vermiculite keeping the soil moist but well drained.
  • The germination process takes between 14 to 21 days at a temperature of 20C, once seedlings are big enough the temperature can be lowered. The plant will fully mature at 1 year.
  • Burning bush will change colour near the end of Autumn.

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