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How to Sow Mixed Cockscomb Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Cockscomb Seeds

A versatile and hardy plant which is classed as a vegetable. The entirety of the plant is edible and when blooming, is similar to a leaf amaranth. A lovely pot herb, which will soften up within minutes of cooking. Leaves and shoots are very popular in stews and soups, with all of the plant being very nutritious. With the flavour of spinach, this multi faceted vegetable will provide a leafy kick to bland dishes. Seeds will produce bright, mixed colour scarlet, pink, cream, orange and yellow flowers.

Cultivation Advice for Growing Cockscomb

  • Start seeds indoors at any time in a sunny location. Sow around 1/2″ deep in fresh compost. Allow plenty of sun, placing on a windowsill/greenhouse which is sun facing. For best results, sow under cover and keep consistently warm.
  • Germination takes approximately 7-10 days under ideal conditions. Best sowing temperatures are between 15-20 degrees. If cooler, germination will take longer. Do not let soil or compost dry out. Simply mist once it begins to feel dry.
  • Seedlings can be handled once first stems are fully established. This will take around 4-6 weeks from initial germination. At this point, the plants will become much more hardier and can be planted out.
  • Once fully grown, plants will reach a total height of between 60-70 cm. Individual flower plumes can reach a total of 13-30cm, on branched stems.

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