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How to Sow Giant Winter Leek Seeds

How to Sow Giant Winter Leek Seeds

Giant winter leek is a hardy variety that can withstand frost and even withstand the most unpleasant weather conditions. This is an easy to sow and grow variety making it a welcome addition to any home, garden patch, or local allotment, with its white root and green leaves which darken after frost making it stand out.

Sowing Guide for Giant Winter Leek Seeds

  • Can be sown indoors anytime and can then be transplanted outdoors once big enough, roughly 8″ tall.
  • Can be sown outdoors once the soil can be worked due to the hardy nature of this variety, picking a sunny spot giving each plant spacing of 8″.
  • Once plants get to 8″ tall you pour water around the plant to help the soil come loose, you will also need to cut 1/3 of the foliage and roots, then plant them in their final growing location.
  • Be careful when planting in the final location, after transplanting, ensuring not to get soil in between the leaves.

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