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How to Sow Winter Brussels Sprout Seeds

How to Sow Winter Brussels Sprout Seeds

Known by its original name evesham special, winter brussels sprouts are a dinner time favourite, throughout the United Kingdom. Originating from old British medieval times in evesham, this variety is very reliable, with each plant producing an abundance of medium and large sized sprouts. Common to UK gardens, greenhouses and allotments, sprouts are the perfect vegetable to grow. Seedlings will reach their harvesting stage, after around 4 months from germination. Adult plants will reach a maximum height of 60cm.

Growing Winter Brussels Sprout from Seeds

  • For an earlier harvest, start seeds indoors at any time. Only sow outdoors after the last frosts have passed, up until late summer. The ground must be consistently warm.
  • Maintain temperatures of above 15 degrees for best germination rates. Seedlings will reach full maturity after 120 days.
  • Using pots or a seed tray, sow seeds approximately 1/8″ deep in a fine grade compost. Germination will take between 7-14 days. If seeds have been sown together, once seedlings reach two inches tall, thin to at least 3 inches apart. Allow them to grow on for a few more weeks, before considering planting outside.
  • At this point, seedlings can be transplanted to individual pots and grown on indoors or outdoors. Be sure to only plant outside, after the last frosts. Leaving a spacing of at least 24 inches between each adult plant.

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