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How to Sow Purple Top Swede Seeds

How to Sow Purple Top Swede Seeds

A winter hardy vegetable, which produces large purple and cream coloured swede. A traditional variety, which is common to British supermarkets and cooked in a large range of dishes. In terms of difficulty, swede is fairly easy to grow. With its hardiness to cold winter conditions, making swede an ideal outdoor winter crop. Also known as best of all swede, this vegetable has a very mild flavour, crisp skin and cream flesh which is not overpowering in taste. This variety is long maturing, over a period of around 6 months.

Growing Swede from Seeds

  • Start seeds in rows or growing beds. If planting directly outdoors, sow from May until July. Consistently warm temperatures will ensure best germination rates.
  • Ensure rows are a minimum of 12″ apart, planting seeds sparingly 1/2″ deep. Ensure the ground is well worked and not clumped.
  • If possible add compost, to increase ground nutrients. Ensure the area receives plenty of sunlight, with germination occurring within 10-14 days.
  • Once seedlings can be handled, transplant to 6 inches apart. Be careful not to damage roots or stems, as swede seedlings do not transplant very well. Ensure the ground remains moist, but not over watered.
  •  If birds or ground feeders such as squirrels are an issue, then some netting will help serve as protection.

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