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How to Sow British Red Amaranthus Seeds

How to Grow British Red Amaranthus Seeds

A unique edible plant, which will reach an approximate height of 5 feet. The thick red tassles will grow to around 2-3 feet in length, in front of leafy green foliage. Versatile in growing habits, this variety can be grown in containers, pots, the ground or indoors in conservatories or greenhouses. Also known as caudatus red, or love lies bleeding amaranthus. Originating from central America, this vegetable is typically harvested for its grain. An easy amaranth to grow, and very popular as a standalone plant due to its unique features. Both the leaves, stems and tassles can be harvested.

Growing Red Amaranthus from Seeds

  • Best sown under glass, or a clear wrap to retain moisture and heat. Separate seeds, sowing at a depth of around 2mm in seed trays or pots. Use a fine grade, well drained seed compost for best results.
  • Red amaranthus will germinate best at a temperature of 18-24 degrees, within 1 to 2 weeks. Wrap can be removed once the seedlings emerge, ensure to place in a position that receives full sun.
  • Once seedlings reach a height of around 3″ they can be transplanted to their final growing location. Be sure to acclimatize first, over a period of around 2 weeks. This helps to ensure outdoor survival, and a continuous crop.
  • If planting directly outdoors, sow in warmer months in a sunny location. Ensuring the  ground is well worked.

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