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How to Grow Super Green Purslane Seeds

How to Sow Super Green Purslane Seeds

A compact growing plant, which can reach a max height of 40cm once fully grown. With its lush green texture, typically used in salads, dishes or as a side garnish. A half hardy annual, which is considered a weed in the United Kingdom.  Purslane is a spreading plant, which originates in Asia. Can be grown easily outdoors, due to its natural tolerance to UK weather conditions once adult stages are reached. If purslane is harvested selectively, one plant can produce over 4 crops. If left to grow, purslane will go to seed, spreading in the given area.

Sowing Super Green Purslane Seeds

  • If sowing outdoors, start in the height of summer when the weather is warmest. This will ensure maximum germination rates.
  • If possible, use a heated propogator or place pots in a sunny location. Ensure a temperature of at least 20 degrees. Purslane will germinate at lower temperatures, and adult plants are much more tolerable to cooler climates. Sow seeds around 1/2″ deep.
  • Use a good quality compost, sowing in pots or seed trays. Purslane seedlings can be transplanted, once they are large enough to handle.
  • If planting outdoors, ensure the soil is free draining and not over watered. Once plants are established outdoors, they will do very well.
  • Once leaves appear, they can be harvested a few weeks after or left to grow on.

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