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How to Sow Golden Star Rudbeckia Seeds

How to Sow Golden Star Rudbeckia Seeds

The striking appearance of this free flowering bushy variety ensures that it is a must have for any garden border. The outstretched petals, mirroring tones of sunshine yellow and rich gold, descend into a stroke of brown before forming the darkest brown centre; an eye catching addition when extending colour throughout the Summer border. Perfect for pollinators, the masses of flowers span to 4 inches with a height of approximately 75-90cm (30-36 in).

Growing Golden Star Rudbeckia Flowers from Seeds

  • Best started early and under cover in full/part sun and in moist, well drained, seed compost.
  • Sow and lightly cover with vermiculite.
  • Germination in 10-15 days at approximately 20 c.
  • When seedling’s are large enough to handle, transplant to pots and grow on; they develop quickly.
  • When all danger of frost has passed, plant out with 30-45cm spacing.
  • To extend the flowering season, it is recommended that dead heading is undertaken regularly.

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