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How to Sow Green Creeping Thyme Seeds

How to Sow Green Creeping Thyme Seeds

With stems of small grey-green leaves and small, pretty, pink flowers, English Thyme is an attractive, yet versatile, addition to any herb garden. Once small branches have been cut and rinsed under water, the thyme leaves can be stripped and used in many dishes such as fresh tomato salsa and stuffing for poultry. Moving away from the kitchen, thyme has proven its use medicinally in the form of thyme tea. For cascading thyme, trim leggy stems to encourage creeping side shoots.

Grow Green Creeping Thyme from Seeds

  • 8 weeks before the first frost date, sow sparingly indoors; barely covering the seeds. Germinate at temperatures between 15-23 degrees.
  • Sow in pots or seed trays, for later transplanting. Placing in a sunny location.
  • When large enough to handle, plant out with 6in between sun in well drained soil and in full sun to part shade .
  • Throughout Summer, leaves can be harvested for fresh use. For optimum flavour, harvest just before flowering.
  • To dry, stems should be cut just as the flowers start to open. Once cut, hang in small bunches.
  • Harvest sparingly throughout the first year.

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