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How to Sow Rose Pink Petunia Seeds

How to Sow Rose Pink Petunia Seeds

An open pollinating flowering plant, which blooms in beautiful dark and light pink shades. Reaching a diameter of around 4 inches, featuring deep veined petunia flowers which are great in hanging baskets. Rose pink can also be grown in pots and containers, when seeds are sown sparingly. For a plant which does not trail, sow seeds away from each other. Petunias will trail, when grown in tight clusters. Early stems will always grow upwards, bunching together and trailing as the plants reach adult stages. Petunias are half hardy annuals, with stems reaching an approximate size of 15 inches.

Growing Pink Petunias from Seeds

  • Start petunia seeds indoors. Preferably under cover, in a warm area which is shaded. Ideal sowing temperatures are between 21-27 degrees. Using seed trays or small pots if possible.
  • Sow on the surface of a well drained, fine grade seed compost. Be sure not to cover, as they need light to germinate. Gently firm down into the growing medium, ensuring the compost is moist.
  • Seal in a polythene bag, or cling film to ensure moisture is retained. This will help increase germination rates, which should occur within 21 days. be sure to shade from direct sunlight, ensuring the soil stays moist with a high humidity.
  • Once seedlings have germinated, remove the wrap once they reach around an inch tall. Petunia seedlings can be transplanted to their final growing location, once stems reach around 3 inches tall.
  • Once germination is complete, petunias are much more tolerable to cooler conditions. Warm temperatures above 20 degrees, are only required for early stages. Acclimatize seedlings to outdoors for around 2 weeks, before planting out after there is no more risk of frosts.

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