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How to Sow Dwarf Sunflower Seeds

How to Sow Dwarf Sunflower Seeds

A stunning British garden favourite, which will reach a maximum height of 50cm once fully gown. A long flowering dwarf plant, which will produce flower heads lasting until mid to late autumn. A very easy to sow variety of flower, which can be sown on windowsills indoors at any time of the year, due to their compact size. Generally grown in clusters, dwarf sunflowers will grow well together or as single plants. Each flower head will reach around 3-4 inches in diameter. Similar to their larger counterparts, dwarf sunflowers are easy to care for, requiring only water when soil becomes dry. A unique feature of dwarf sunflowers, is their ability to produce multiple heads on one plant. All sunflowers owe their heritage to southern areas of the United States.

How to Grow Dwarf Sunflowers from Seeds

  • Plant sunflower seeds around 1/4″ deep in fresh soil or compost. If planting outdoors, wait until late winter/early spring when the ground is not frozen. Dwarf sunflower seeds can be grown indoors at any time.
  • Germination will take between 14-21 days. It may be faster in warmer conditions. Ideal sowing temperatures are between 20-25 degrees. If starting indoors, place pots on a sun facing windowsill/behind glass in a warm room.
  • If planting together, allow 4 inches spacing between seeds. ensuring each seed receives plenty of sunlight once planted.
  • Keep soil moderately moist, germination is complete once dwarf sunflower seedlings reach a height of 3-4 inches. At this point, they can be transplanted to their final growing destination.
  • Be sure to protect young sunflowers from ground pests, once sunflowers become taller, slugs and snails will find it much more difficult to climb up stems.

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