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How to Sow Mixed Pompom Daisy Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Pompom Daisy Seeds

Mixed pompom daisy is a beautiful flower, which looks amazing in any garden or home. With its 1″ double fluffy pompom like flowers, that will bloom in spring through to the end of summer. Pompom daisy will bloom in a variety of colours, with dark green leaves in a nice rosette. Mixed pompom daisies prefer cooler weather and may fade during hotter temperatures. Also known as bellis perennis, this flower will bloom in late winter, all the way through to summer. Providing a splash of colour to winter gardens.

Advice for Growing Mixed Pompom Daisy from Seed

  • Mixed pompom daisies can be sown indoors in containers, pots or window boxes in a location with plenty of light.
  • If sowing outdoors, sow in mid spring until early summer. Sow approximately 1/4″ deep,  in a well prepared soil, or fresh compost.
  • The germination period takes between 14 to 21 days, maintaining a minimum temperature of 20C. Ensure the ground or compost is well drained.
  • When seedlings are big enough, move to a location with full sun part shade, pricked seedlings will produce better roots.
  • Avoid sowing and growing in damp areas and be careful not to over water the plants.
  • Once the plants reach over 3″ in height, they prefer to be kept in full sun.

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