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How to Sow Purple Giant Radish Seeds

How to Sow Purple Giant Radish Seeds

An allotment favourite, which once grown produces large, deep purple coloured radishes. Both the body and leaves can be harvested for dishes. Which makes beetroot an amazing multi crop vegetable. Early leaves are perfect when used in side salads, stews and stir frys. One of the easier varieties to grow, if you are just getting into growing vegetables then radish is a great place to start. Can be cooked similarly to turnip or swede, with plants preferring a nutrient rich soil. This ensures faster germination, with plants reaching maturity much quicker.

Growing Radishes from Seeds

  • Germination under normal conditions, should take around 4-7 days. After this point, you should see small stems appearing. Sow indoors at any time, behind glass in a sunny location. Ensure a minimum temperature of 15 degrees.
  • For a constant supply of radish, sow from February every two weeks outdoors, all the way until September. Purple radish seeds can be grown outdoors during the above months.
  • Sow radish seeds in drills, planting approximately 1cm deep in fresh compost. Only cover lightly, as seeds require light to germinate. Best in a sunny location.
  • Keep moist, but not over watered. Make sure the soil doesn’t completely dry out. If sowing seeds together, thin to approximately 9 inches apart, once seedlings reach a height of around 4 inches.

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