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How to Sow Medania Spinach Seeds

How to Sow Medania Spinach Seeds

Rich in an abundance of broad, dark green leaves, this has become a popular and reliable all year round variety. With a good resistance to bolting, and high quality yields, it is easy to grow. Sowing in Spring or late Summer is ideal for both main crops and cut-and-come again salad leaves. Additionally, the leaves are rich in vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, lutein, and dietary fibre.

How to Grow Medania Spinach Seeds

  • Between mid Spring – late Summer (avoiding mid Summer) sow thinly at 2-3 intervals at 2cm deep and approximately 30cm apart.
  • Germinate at temperatures between 12-22 degrees. Once germinated, thin to approximately 15-20cm between plants.
  • Place in a sunny location & ensure the growing medium does not dry out. Thinning’s are ideal for salads.
  • Keep well watered and harvest young leaves.
  • Harvest from 6-8 weeks after sowing for approximately 3 months, and replace.

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