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How to Sow Winter Perpetual Spinach Seeds

How to Sow Perpetual Spinach Seeds

Very hardy and resistant to bolting, perpetual spinach is a large leaf variety. Performs very well in poor soil and varying British weather conditions. By only selectively harvesting leaves, one perpetual spinach plant can live for over 2 years. Supplying a consistent harvest of fresh leaves. The name perpetual means yearlong harvest, so expect a large amount of spinach from each seed packet. A winter hardy variety of spinach, which can be grown indoors, outdoors, in conservatories, allotments and pots/containers. Young leaves are great raw for adding to salads, or as an addition to a healthy sandwich. Older leaves are great steamed, to be eaten as a cooked leafy green.

How to Grow Perpetual Spinach from Seed

  • Sow indoors at any time of the year, behind glass in a sun facing location. The best times to sow in the ground outdoors are: March to April and from September to October. Perpetual spinach seeds will germinate best in temperatures between 10-24 degrees celsius.
  • Sow in pots, containers or seed trays for indoor sowing. For outdoors, sow seeds in rows. With no more than 6 seeds per foot of space. Ensure a spacing of 12 inches between each row.
  • Plant approximately 1/2″ deep in fresh compost, or soil which has been thoroughly worked. Place in a sunny location, ensuring the soil does not fully dry out.
  • If sowing together, thin seedlings to a minimum of 6 inches apart. Once they reach around 3 inches tall, spinach seedlings are safe to transplant.
  • Perpetual spinach does not do well in soil which is very acidic. If possible, use a compost which is packed with nutrients for the healthiest plants.

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