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How to Sow Giant White Pansy Seeds

How to Sow White Pansy Seeds

Blooming into large white, single coloured flowers. White pansy is popular in both indoor and outdoor displays. Typically known as a hardy annual, the entirety of each pansy plant is edible. Commonly harvested for use in salads, as a garnish or an addition to cocktails. White pansy flower heads, will reach an approximate diameter of 4 inches once fully grown. Due to their nature, pansy seeds require complete darkness to germinate. This makes them best started indoors, where the climate can be controlled better. Featuring large white petals, transitioning to a creamy yellow centre. White pansies will grow very well alongside most garden plants, or as a single potted flower.

Sowing Giant White Pansy Flowers from Seeds

  • Start in seed trays or pots. Using a quality seed compost. Sow in a room which is in complete darkness, with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees.
  • Plant pansy seeds around 1/2″ deep, covering the pots with cling film, or a polythene wrap to help maintain inner moisture.
  • Allow plenty of time for germination, ensuring the soil does not dry out. Germination will occur from between 7-21 days. Ensure the seeds are fully covered.
  • Pansy seeds can be sown outdoor, when the climate is warm. Make sure the ground is well worked, and the seeds are completely covered. Adding a top layer of quality compost, will help increase germination rates. Remove polythene wrap once seedlings reach around 1″
  • Place seedlings in an area which receives plenty of sunlight. Once seedlings reach over 3 inches tall. They can be safely transplanted to their final growing destination.

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