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How to Sow Red Giant Mustard Seeds

How to Sow Red Giant Mustard Seeds

Mustard ‘Red Giant’ derives from Japan and has become memorable through the beautifully, brilliant, reddish-maroon well-savoyed leaves; making it not only attractive in flower borders and allotments but, a great addition to the kitchen. The thick leaves, slightly textured, and with a good holding power ensure a better bite, and a powerfully strong and zesty flavour; proving favourable raw or cooked within soups and stir fries.

Growing Red Mustard Plants from Seed

  • Sow between in full sun between early Spring and Autumn, covering seeds with ¼ inch of fine soil.
  • Sow at 2-4 week intervals for continued harvest. Ideal temperatures for germination are between 12-20 degrees celsius.
  • Keep soil moderately moist during germination with rows spaced approximately 18 inches apart, or closer if space is limited.
  • Thin plants gradually to 6 inches apart in rows. Enjoy thinned greens in a salad.
  • For the best flavour, harvest the outer leaves; leaving inner leaves to grow out.
  • Can be harvested well into Winter.

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