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How to Sow Livingstone Daisy Ice Plant Seeds

How to Sow Livingstone Daisy Ice Plant Seeds

A traditional flower grown in Britain. Popular in pots, bedding & containers. Each seed has the potential to yield a stunning, mixed colour ice plant bush. Blooms sit on top of fleshy foliage, which is a deep green colour. Ice plant seeds will do very well in dry conditions, where the soil quality is much poorer. In terms of difficulty, this is a fairly easy colourful flower to grow.

Planting UK Livingstone Daisy Seeds

  • Sow indoors or in a greenhouse, unless a constant temperature of 15-20 degrees is achieved
  • Sow seeds on the surface of a free draining fine sowing compost. For best germination, sow under cover
  • Once planted, cover the trays or pots with a milky or clear polythene wrap. This helps to maintain humidity.
  • Keep covered until the first seedlings emerge.
  • Allow appx 7-10 days for full germination, keeping a constant temperature of 15-20 degrees. Temperatures
  • above 20 degrees may cause decreased germination rates.
  • Make sure moisture is retained, for maximum germination.
  • After appx five weeks, the seedlings should be established enough to plant outside.
  • Once established, protect from slugs and snails.
  • Adult livingstone daisy seeds are much easier to care for, and will survive dry & hot conditions

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