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How to Sow Hanging Mini Cucumber Seeds

How to Sow UK Hanging Mini Cucumber Seeds

A variety of cucumber which has won numerous awards with All America Selections. Featuring a sleek, glossy skin which is easy to peel once plants reach adult stages. Growing to a size of around 6″ long, these mini cucumbers make the perfect addition to trellises, garden frames, or as a free standing ground grown plant. Plants will reach maturity, around 60 days after germination. Also known as “La Diva” each germinated seed will produce a large, continuous yielding mini cucumber plant. Harvested cucumbers can be used for pickling, or sliced for use in dishes and salads. La Diva seeds are all female, so manual pollination is not required for plants to produce cucumbers. Under normal growing conditions the yielding cucumbers are seedless, with a smooth skin unlike many other varieties. Preferring warm temperatures, La Diva hanging mini cucumber prefer the height of a British summer, this is when they will germinate and grow the best.

Growing Mini Cucumbers from Seeds

  • For best germination rates, ensure minimum temperatures of 20-25 degrees are maintained. Use a propagator, or a very warm area which receives lots of sunlight. Sow seeds approximately 1″ deep, covering lightly.
  • Use pots or seed trays which are at least 3 inches in diameter, or sow 1 seed per 3 inches of compost/soil. Use a fresh compost, or well worked soil which is not clumped as this will prevent shoots from emerging.
  • To help retain warmth and humidity, pots can be covered in a cling film wrap. This will help to protect from wind/pests and simulate better germination conditions.
  • If sowing directly outdoors, wait until evening conditions are warm. Mini cucumbers will not tolerate cold in their early stages of growth.
  • Seeds will germinate within a maximum of 14 days. Ensure the growing medium is kept damp, do not over water. Any protective wrap can then be removed, once stems begin to emerge.
  • If transplanting to another location, ensure to do this before 3 weeks after germination. Cucumbers have a main tap root, which if damaged will disrupt or inhibit growth entirely.
  • Adult plants will happily grow under cover, or outdoors in full sun.

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