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How to Sow Double Mix Trailing Petunia Seeds

How to Sow Double Mix Trailing Petunia Seeds

With 4 inch double blooms of striking colours in blue, crimson, red, and rose. This unique flower, will stand out in any display. To encourage a trailing plant, deadhead weekly and trim back leggy stems. The plant will create many side shoots, which bush & trail perfectly in any basket. A half hardy annual, which grows to a maximum of 12 inches; making it the perfect contender for all beds, borders, baskets, tubs, and pots. Maintaining a sunny environment, with well drained soil ensures easy and successful growth.

Growing Mixed Double Trailing Petunias from Seed

  • From January onwards sow either indoors, or outdoors, heated undercover at 21-27C (70-80F)
  • Sow petunia seeds on the surface of a good fine seed compost; gently firming down. Ensure not to cover them fully, as the small seeds need light to germinate.
  • For better handling, add some horticultural sand into the provided bag. Seeds can then be poured out easier.
  • Keeping the soil moist, not wet, seal in a polythene bag or cling film after sowing to retain moisture.
  • Light is needed for successful germination which usually takes between 10-21 days.
  • When seedlings large enough to handle, transport into trays and continue to grow in cooler conditions before gradually acclimatizing to outdoor conditions once the last frost has passed.

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