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How to Sow Gourmet Mixed Lettuce Seeds

How to Sow Gourmet Mixed Lettuce Seeds

A traditional British blend, consisting of 6 different varieties of gourmet lettuce seeds to plant and grow. Traditionally found in premium UK supermarkets, this fast growing mix of large leaf lettuce includes light green, dark green and red coloured lettuce. Once seedlings are established, adolescent leaves can be harvested to create your own baby leaf mix. If allowed to grow on, seeds will produce large leaf lettuces. These plants are self replenishing when leaves are harvested, with seedlings reaching full size after 45-50 days. Hardy to varying weather, these vegetables are fast growing & easy to sow.

Growing Gourmet Mixed Lettuce Plants from Seeds

  • Germination will take around 2 weeks under ideal conditions. Temperatures between 15-23 degrees celsius will enhance germination rates.
  • Sow seeds around 1/8″ deep, using fresh compost or well worked ground soil. Only firm the seeds into the growing medium lightly, do not compress.
  • Great when started in pots or starter seed trays. Placing them in a sunny location, ensuring the compost or growing medium is kept moist.
  • Can be sown outdoors during Spring, Summer & Autumn. Or start indoors at any time, behind glass in a sun facing area.  Once seedlings reach 2 inches in height, they can be transplanted safely.
  • Space thinned plants to approximately 8 inches apart, ensuring the soil does not dry out. For a continuous supply of lettuce, sow seeds sequentially every few weeks.

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