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How to Sow Pastel Stars Petunia Seeds

How to Sow Pastel Stars Petunia Seeds

A beautiful gardeners favourite, which grows upright. Peferct for planters, pots, containers and displays. Adult plants produce flowers in shades of white, purple, pink and crimson. Stems will reach a maximum length of 14″ which makes them ideal for hanging baskets or ground based displays. a half hardy annual, with flowers growing to approximately 4″ in diameter. Seeds are very small, so be sure to carefully remove them from the packaging.

Growing Pastel Stars Petunia Plants from Seed

  • Ideal temperatures for best germination, is between 21-27 degrees celsius. Sow from Jan onwards, in a heated space such as a conservatory or above a radiator. Only sow directly outdoors during hot summer periods.
  • Use a high quality seed compost, ensuring the soil is loose. Gently press the seeds into the soil, but do not cover fully.
  • To aide germination, sow in pots or seed trays which can be covered in a polythene wrap or bag. This increases moisture levels. Ensure the compost is moist before covering.
  • Place in an area which receives full sunlight, germination can take up to 21 days in ideal conditions.
  • Once seedlings emerge, allow them to grow on until they are large enough to handle. Then open the wrap, and transplant to a fully ventilated area.
  • Allow time for acclimatization to outdoors. Once plants reach adult stages, they will survive in much cooler, varying weather conditions.

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