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How to Sow Birdsfoot Trefoil British Lotus Seeds

How to Sow Birdsfoot Trefoil British Lotus Seeds

A beautiful wildflower, which is native to the United Kingdom. Producing stunning yellow trefoil flowers, with seed pods which are similar to a birds foot in shape. a Compact flower, which will reach a maximum height of around 6 inches. Native to woodlands, meadows and British marshlands. This plant is great for growing in gardens, among most other plants. Hardy to varying weather, the lush green stems will produce blooms throughout the whole of summer, until the end of autumn. Thriving in most soils and composts, with the ability to grow in low and high sun areas. Germination can be slow in less than ideal conditions, allowing up to 4 weeks for seedlings to emerge.

How to Grow Birdsfoot Trefoil from Seeds

  • If sowing seeds directly outdoors, wait until there are no more frosts due for the year. Birdsfoot can be sown indoors at any time, ready to be planted out in spring & summer, or kept indoors on windowsills etc.
  • Trefoil wildflower seeds have a tough casing, which protects them in the wild. If possible, soak the seeds overnight in water. Or place in a jar of water, with sandpaper inside and shake. This is a process known as scarification, which helps early shoots to breach the tough casing.
  • Sow approximately 1/2″ deep in well worked soil or compost. Ideal germination conditions are behind glass, at around 16-18 degrees. Sow in small pots or seed trays, to allow easier transplanting later.
  • Ensure soil/compost is kept moist, allowing plenty of sunlight to reach the pots/trays. Using compostable pots is great, as they can be planted straight into the ground later on.
  • Allow between 2-4 weeks for germination to take place, seedlings can be transplanted once they reach a height of 2-3″

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