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How to Sow Long Scarlet Sweet Red Onion Seeds

How to Sow Long Scarlet Sweet Red Onion Seeds

An Italian variety of long red onion, which can grow to be very large. Sweet tasting and easy to peel, these onions can be grown indoors or outdoors. Great in salads and dishes, in vegetable patches, pots, greenhouses, allotments, or on windowsills. Harvesting long scarlet sweet red onion after only a few weeks, will produce small red spring onion. Allowing plants to reach adult stages, will produce large long red onions. For a continuous yield, sow a few seeds every few weeks. Long lasting in storage, these onions add a unique addition to many traditional dishes.

Growing Long Scarlet Red Onion from Seeds

  • Ideal germination temperatures are between 14-22 degrees. Using fresh compost or well worked nutritious soil, sow seeds approximately 1/2″ deep.
  • If growing directly outdoors, wait until spring/summer when the ground and temperatures are warm. Sow indoors at any time, providing heat during cold periods of the year.
  • For row growing in allotments & patches, allow at least 6 inches between seeds. This will provide sufficient space for each plant to flourish.
  • Place in a position which receives full sunlight, ensuring the compost/soil is kept moist. Germination should occur within 14 days, with mini spring onions ready to harvest after 60 days. Allow to grow on, for much larger long sweet red onions.

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