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How to Sow Giant Polyanthus Seeds

How to Sow Giant Polyanthus Seeds

Giant polyanthus, is a perfect front border or pot plant, that blooms into bright coloured flowers. Large clusters of mixed blue, yellow, pink, red and white flowers. With ornamental foliage reaching a height of 25cm. This semi evergreen, will last all year round in low frost areas. Giant polyanthus can also last for a few years. Will flower over the winter all the way through to the end of spring. In particularity cold winters, shelter polyanthus to ensure a strong bloom next year.

Giant Polyanthus Sowing Guide

  • Can be grown indoors in an area with shade, in pots, containers or window boxes.
  • Sow seeds thinly into pots or seed trays, then cover with glass or polythene this will help with retaining moisture. Make sure not to put in direct sunlight as moisture is needed.
  • Once you can see seedlings, remove the cover, when plants reach over 3 inches in height, they can then be transplanted.
  • When transplanting to the final place be sure the area is cool and has shade.
  • If growing indoors, place pots in a sunny sheltered location. This is best early on, as polyanthus are more fragile during early stages.
  • The best time to transplant outdoors is September. This allows adequate time for flowering the following year.

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