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How to Sow Purple Giant Beetroot Seeds

How to Sow Purple Giant Beetroot Seeds

A very large variety of beetroot, which is resistant to bolting and disease. A farmers favourite, which can be easily grown in the United Kingdom. With a deep red coloured skin and sweet inner flesh, beetroot is popular in stews and juices. The leaves can also be harvested, making them a great baby leaf addition to salads, or as a side garnish. Commonly spotted in UK supermarkets, each seed will produce a large beetroot, plus an abundance of baby leaves.

How do You Grow Beetroot from Seed

  • Wait until no more frosts are due for the year, if sowing outdoors. The ground should be warm, with the soil being loose and well worked. Before planting, place seeds in a warm water bath for around 1 hour. This will help maximize germination.
  • Beetroot seeds can be sown indoors, or in a heated greenhouse at any time. Place seed pots or modules in a sunny location, to ensure best germination rates.
  • Sow seeds 1cm deep in loose soil or fresh compost. A fine grade compost will also work well. If sowing in rows outdoors, be sure to leave at least 30cm between each row.
  • If starting indoors, beetroot seedlings can be transplanted outdoors once they reach 5cm tall. Be sure to wait until no more frosts are due for the year. Allow a spacing of 8cm between each plant.

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