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How to Sow Dark Opal Basil Seeds

How to Sow Dark Opal Basil Seeds

Traditionally known for its aromatic, sweet flavour. Dark opal basil is known as a high yielding plant, which when selectively harvested, will produce a continuous supply. Once fully grown, plants will reach between 12-18 inches high. Plants are decorative, as well as being edible. This makes them versatile and hardy to varying weather conditions, in adult stages. An upright growing, bushy perennial which is great in pots, planters or containers. From seed germination, expect adult stages to be reached after 65 days.

Sowing Dark Opal Basil from Seed

  • If growing outdoors, then plant seeds between late spring and summer months. Ensure the ground is well worked, and not due to be frozen again for the year.
  • Sow seeds approrximately 1/8″ deep, using fresh compost. Start in pots or seed trays, for easy transplanting later on.
  • Germination will take around 21 days under ideal conditions. Place in an area which receives full/partial sunlight. Best conditions are between 18-22 degrees.
  • Ensure the compost remains moist, with seedlings being safe to transplant once they reach 2 inches in height. After 65 days, leaves should be large enough to harvest. This helps encourage new leaves to grow.
  • Basil plants grow perfectly in companionship with tomato and pepper plants. They enhance each others growth, in a garden vegetable patch.

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