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How to Sow Giant Igloo Cauliflower Seeds

How to Sow Giant Igloo Cauliflower Seeds

This particular variety of cauliflower can be grown throughout the year, it is perfect for growing outdoors, in a greenhouse or a vegetable patch. A very reliable vegetable, which is popular among growers in the UK. Another great feature of cauliflower, is its ability to open pollinate. This helps to ensure a steady supply of future cauliflowers. For ideal conditions start cauliflowers seeds in the summer. They can then be over wintered for the following year. Producing large white heads, these nutrient packed vegetables are ideal for dishes. Are cauliflowers easy to to grow? In terms of vegetable sowing difficulty, cauliflowers are intermediate. However with the right care, a constant supply can easily be achieved.

Growing Cauliflowers from Seeds

  • Using pots or trays filled with fresh compost, vermiculite or fertilized soil. Sow seeds approximately 6mm deep, ensuring they are covered. Starting indoors helps to protect early stems from weather and pests.
  • Keeping them in a well lit position will increase germination rates, or sow directly outdoors when the ground is warm during spring & summer.
  • Ideal temperatures are between 12-26 degrees for best results. First signs of stems should start showing between 5-10 days after sowing
  • Once stems are fully established, cauliflower seedlings can be transplanted to the final growing location. Allow 30cm between each row, to ensure that each cauliflower has enough space.
  • Cauliflower heads, leaves, stems and florets are all edible. Harvesting the entire plant will ensure maximum nutritional return.

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