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How to Sow Red & Brown Onion Seeds

How to Sow Red & Brown Onion Seeds

A variety of mixed onion, which is a staple in UK supermarkets. With a red and brown crispy skin, coating the aromatic juicy onions, you can expect a large harvest. Providing the correct conditions is crucial when growing mixed onions. The ideal vegetables for cooking and for using in dishes. Onions harvested while smaller, will be much sweeter than those harvested later. For large and giant onions, allow the maximum harvest time of 160 days. This onion is perfect for stews or adding to slow cooked dishes.

Cultivating Red & Brown Onions

  • Seeds will germinate, approximately 10-12 days after being planted. Fully grown onions can be harvested, approximately 100-160 days from germination.
  • If starting in a heated or very warm greenhouse. Plant in rows, around 12/18 inches apart. Plant seeds 1/2″ into fresh compost. Best started in a heated/sun facing greenhouse or in very warm conditions.
  • Starting outdoors will still see good germination, however providing extra care early on will ensure a much greater yield. If possible, start in trays or small pots next to a good heat source and allow plenty of sunlight.
  • Ensure sufficient temperatures are provided. If a constant temperature of above 18 degrees is achieved, you will see high germination rates.
  • Harvest when large enough to handle or harvest slightly earlier for a sweeter salad onion. Great when grown together with other vegetables, as the onion aroma wards off insects.

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